4 Benefits Of Rock Climbing

Exercise encourages healthy circulation. It can help you control your weight, strengthen your bones and muscles, and enjoy yourself. Finding the type of exercise that you like doing is crucial for building an active lifestyle. Many people enjoy rock climbing for the challenge it poses. Here are four benefits of this activity.

1. Full-Body Exercise

Rock climbing is a type of full-body exercise. When you climb, you use the muscles in your back, arms, and legs. Even your finger and toe muscles get a workout as you find handholds and toeholds on your climbing wall or rock face. Full-body exercises can give you the svelte, toned look you crave. Climbing can even help you lose weight by burning calories. Signing up for a membership at a climbing gym can allow you to skip running, weightlifting, and other types of exercise you may not necessarily enjoy.

2. A Strong Core

Core strength is important for a variety of daily activities. People with strong core muscles have better posture and often have trimmer stomachs as well. Rock climbing greatly strengthens your core muscles. Every move you make while climbing originates from your core since you'll need to engage your abdominal muscles to propel yourself further up the wall. People who find yoga and pilates too slow-paced can still get the core workout they need by participating in rock climbing.

3. Social Interaction

Some exercises are strictly solitary endeavors, but rock climbing is a great group activity. Whether you're climbing at the gym or outdoors, you can climb with friends to enhance your experience. More experienced climbers can offer you tips while you climb, and competing against peers is a great way to add fun stakes to your exercise routine. Finding rock climbing friends can make you less likely to skip your workouts since you won't want to let your friends down.

4. Spending Time Outdoors

You can rock climb indoors, which is a good option for new climbers who are still learning the ropes. However, there's no substitute for climbing in the great outdoors. Rock climbing is a good excuse to get outside in the fresh air. Your climbing hobby can take you to beautiful places both near and far. Scaling a mountain or cliff face can give you a sense of great accomplishment, and best of all, you'll get to enjoy the wonderful view from the top of your chosen rock face.