Almost Nixed Your New Year’s Resolutions Already? 5 Ways To Get Back On Track With Fitness Goals

While most people make resolutions each year, few are able to stick to them. Especially if you're struggling with weight issues that affect your health, fitness should really be your priority all year long. Don't be discouraged, even if you've nearly nixed your goals. You can get right back on track now. 1. Join A Gym With A Friend Going to a gym can obviously benefit you physically, but going by yourself may not provide enough motivation. Read More 

Exercises That Do More Than Build Muscle

Many people are interested in adding an exercise into their regimen that does more than simply build muscle. While lifting weights is certainly something that is beneficial and healthy, there are other exercises that you might want to consider. These other exercises do more than simply build big muscles. Some of these exercises are great at adding helpful cardio to your life, while others will help you learn important self-defense skills. Read More