Almost Nixed Your New Year’s Resolutions Already? 5 Ways To Get Back On Track With Fitness Goals

While most people make resolutions each year, few are able to stick to them. Especially if you're struggling with weight issues that affect your health, fitness should really be your priority all year long. Don't be discouraged, even if you've nearly nixed your goals. You can get right back on track now.

1. Join A Gym With A Friend

Going to a gym can obviously benefit you physically, but going by yourself may not provide enough motivation. It's all too easy to skip gym time, even more so if you have many other demands on your time. Joining with someone else means you've both paid and feel more obligated to the money spent as well as each other. You don't want to let your friend down, and they don't want to let you down. Together, you should be able to keep working toward your goals more regularly and with fewer excuses.

2. Invest In A Workout Wardrobe

Spending money can draw you further into a commitment because nobody wants to waste their hard-earned cash. Modestly invest in a few cool outfits with flexible sizes that will hopefully fit you as you shape up and/or slim down.

3. Use Exercise To Relieve Stress

You're likely busy with many things, from a difficult boss to kids, a commute, and a million other things. Stress is dangerous, so use your time at the fitness center to unwind, both physically and mentally. Be focused, though, so you don't end up constantly losing count of your reps or mindlessly running a treadmill. Be mentally meditative as you work out, constantly focused on goals and self-improvement. You'll be admonishing stress at the same time, and that should make everything else in life easier.

4. Make The Gym A Topic Of Conversation In Your Social Circles

Talking about your dedication to health and fitness reinforces the good things you're doing for yourself and may even entice others to join you. You're also setting priorities out loud, so hopefully, people support you by not shoving a box of donuts at you in the office and respecting your dietary boundaries. You'll feel really good about yourself when people notice your efforts at the gym are paying off, so go ahead and brag.

5. Set Highly Specific Mini-Goals To Keep You Going

Losing track of goals is very easy to do, especially if you've set forth one major goal, such as losing X pounds. Instead, give yourself small weekly or bi-weekly goals, so you can enjoy your accomplishments right away. Lose a pound or two in a set time, and then give yourself three cheers. Do it again next month, and the losses will start adding up to big progress!

Throughout the year, you're likely to falter some by skipping a few trips to the gym or cheating with cheesecake; however, that should never be an excuse to give up. You are only human, after all, and bound to stretch the rules of your diet and fitness regimen some. Resume course as quickly as you can and be dedicated to the good things you're doing for yourself.