Exercises That Do More Than Build Muscle

Many people are interested in adding an exercise into their regimen that does more than simply build muscle. While lifting weights is certainly something that is beneficial and healthy, there are other exercises that you might want to consider. These other exercises do more than simply build big muscles. Some of these exercises are great at adding helpful cardio to your life, while others will help you learn important self-defense skills. Here is a list of three different types of exercises that you might want to consider. 

Learn Self Defense With Kickboxing 

Kickboxing is an excellent way to get a workout and also learn self defense. Many gyms will have kickboxing classes. These classes are a great alternative to something like boxing, which might  prove a bit too physical. Kickboxing has health benefits as you will be breaking a sweat during the workout. So, in addition to learning some important self-defense moves that could help you in the outside world, you will also get your heart racing and tone up your body. 

Improve Your Cardio With a Stair Climber

Cardio is very important for overall health. Many people end up skipping their cardio workouts because it can be wearing on the joints. One of the most popular forms of cardio is running on a treadmill. This can be very stressful on knees and ankles. So, what you might want to choose is a stair climber. The reason that people like stair masters is that you get a good cardio workout but there is a reduced amount of stress on your knees. The other upside to the stair climber is that you are also going to be building muscle, especially in your glutes. Because the stair masters also works your glutes, you can eliminate some glute exercises from your gym routine, and thereby cut down on the length of time you spend in the gym.

Deal With Emotional Stress With Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Yoga is great for flexibility and also mental well being. If you are someone who has gone through some sort of trauma, then the mental benefits that come with yoga are amazing. You should specifically seek out a yoga studio that offers a class that is taught by someone who has experience with trauma sensitive yoga. This sort of yoga was developed for people who have gone through some sort of very traumatic experience. The classes incorporate a great deal of visualization as well as specifically tailored yoga poses. Contact a business like Juanita Giles LLC for more information.