How Stem Cells May Be Able To Reverse Some Forms Of Blindness

One of the challenges of treating various diseases and conditions is that many tissues cannot be restored once they have become damaged. Sometimes, healthy tissues can be transported from one area to another. But in other situations, such as when suffering from blindness, new areas of research such as stem cells are the most promising areas where previously incurable diseases are seeming more curable. If you are suffering from macular degeneration, you may be able to have your vision rapidly restored through stem cell therapy.

New Research On Stem Cells And Blindness

Research into stem cells has led to promising results in the search for a blindness cure. The FDA has approved a clinical trial for the first human embryonic stem cell transplant. Researchers have discovered that the treatments have improved vision significantly in several patients that are suffering from progressive and incurable eye diseases.

How Stem Cells Cure Blindness

Stem cells, which are cells donated from an embryo and capable of forming any cell, are able to reverse the effects of macular degeneration. This disease results from the tissue in the macula breaking down. It is common both with the elderly and with those who lose their eyesight as a result of diabetes. Patients who suffer from this condition can experience a loss of their central vision, which can make it difficult to see objects clearly.

However, with the use of stem cell therapy, the tissue can be rebuilt. The rebuilt tissue nourishes the macula, which restores central vision.

Recovering After A Stem Cell Treatment

These studies have also found that stem cells are safe to use in the long-term. However, given that the stem cell treatments are very new, if you are given the opportunity to receive this treatment, you will want to listen carefully to your doctor's instructions to ensure that the stem cells are able to be successful.

You will need to take steps necessary to reduce the risk of your eyes being exposed to bacteria. This means that you will want to avoid exposure to contaminated water, such as by spending time in a hot tub. You will also want to avoid engaging in any strenuous activities. You may be given a medication or eye drops you are expected to take to protect the location where you received the stem cells.

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