8 Kettlebell Moves To Work Out Your Entire Body

There are a number of workouts and machines that you can do to exercise your muscles. It's finding the right type of workout for you, the right amount of weight and the proper movement that makes your workout a success. Kettlebells are great equipment to use, as they are easy to hold and can be used to work out your entire body. See below for a kettlebell workout routine that is sure to work all of your muscles.

Equipment Needed:

  • Kettlebells in varying sizes (lighter weights for arms and higher weights for your lower body)
  • Exercise mat
  • Timer

This workout uses an interval method, so each exercise is timed. Do each exercise for a total of one minute, then move to the next exercise. Repeat the entire interval again (all 8 exercises) until you can do the interval 4 times.

The Workout:

1. Two Hand Swings

Stand with your feet hip width apart. Hold one of your smaller sized kettlebells in front of your body, at your hips, using both hands. Lift your arms up and parallel to the floor with your arms fully extended. Then lower back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise, trying your best not to bend your arms at all.

2. High Pulls

Stand with your feet hip width apart and a heavier kettlebell weight in one hand. Lower yourself into a squat position, then lower your kettlebell to the floor in between your feet. Then stand and pull your kettlebell up, bending your elbow and bringing the kettlebell up to the side of your face. Lower the kettlebell back to the floor and repeat the movement on the other side.

3. Russian Twist

Sit with your knees bent and your core held tight. Lower yourself to a 45 degree angle, then using a kettlebell, twist from one side to the other tapping the floor with the weight. Try your best not to move your legs and bottom too much. You want all of the movement to be in your waist.

4. One Hand Swings

Much like the two hand swings in the first exercise, you are going to do the same movement but with just one hand at a time. Slowly move each arm up, then lower your weight and switch hands.

5. Figure Eights

Standing with feet a little wider than hip width apart, lower your body into a high squat position, taking a heavier kettlebell weight move the weight between your legs and around your legs, moving it from one hand to the other in a controlled movement. Move in a figure eight, alternating directions.

6. Lunge Jumps

Move into a deep lunge position keeping two heavy kettlebells next to your front foot. Hold your hands onto the weights to use as support, then jump to alternate your lunge (so the other foot is now forward and the other foot is in the back). Continue alternating your legs and moving quickly with each movement.

7. Windmills

In a standing position and using a medium weight kettlebell, hold the kettlebell in one hand, then fully extend that arm high above your head. Your feet should be hip width apart. Lower yourself at the waist, to the side and touch the floor with your other hand, keeping the kettlebell hand fully extended the entire time. Switch hands and repeat on the other side.

8. Squat Twist

Holding your heaviest kettlebell in both hands at chest level and standing with your feet in a hip width position, lower yourself into a deep squat. Begin to stand and pivot on one foot to move into a twist while raising yourself up. Keep your kettlebell at chest level the entire time. Lower back into a squat and repeat on the other side, alternating each side as you move along.

These exercises may be difficult at first, but continue to do them, trying your best to do each movement for the entire minute and repeating the interval a second time until you can repeat four times. Be sure to use controlled movements with each exercise and increase your weights as needed. 

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