First Spin Class? What To Expect

So, you've decided to sign up for a spin class in your local area, but you are completely clueless as to what to expect at your first indoor cycling exercise class. Generally, the class will last between 45 minutes to an hour, though beginner classes may be shorter. Spinning is a cardio workout that is instructor-led and set to music. Keep reading to learn what you need for your class, what to expect at the class, and what the benefits are from spinning.

How to Prepare for Your First Spin Class

Since you will be sweating a lot due to the continuous motion, it is important that you wear moisture-wicking clothing to help you stay dry and cool. In addition, to make your ride a bit more comfortable, you should invest in padded cycling shorts. Check with the studio where you are taking the spin class to see if they require cycling shoes, and if they don't, you are fine with wearing just regular tennis shoes.

What to Expect at Your First Class

Prior to the start of the class, the instructor can help you get fitted properly on your bike. Ideally, the seat of the bike should be even with your hips. You should be able to comfortably reach the handlebars, and the feet straps need to be secured. Ensuring a perfect fit on the bicycle will enhance your workout while also preventing any unnecessary muscle strains.

Some classes will follow a choreography set to upbeat music, which helps to make the session far more enjoyable. The instructor will guide you through a variety of speeds and paces, leading you to apply varying amounts of tensions on the flywheel throughout the session. In addition, you'll be encouraged to visualize the outdoors for extra motivation.

What Benefits Will You Gain from Spinning?

Spinning is considered a very strenuous exercise, but when it comes to your joints, it is a gentle exercise. Thanks to the applied tension and varying intensities, you will reap many benefits, including a boost in energy levels, burned calories, and improved cardiovascular health. This particular type of exercise can help in toning your thighs, hamstrings, glutes, and core. And, if you love a high-energy environment and music, this is the perfect workout for you.

If you are looking for an exercise class where you can burn calories, experience health benefits, and have fun, then you may want to consider checking out spinning. Learn more about these or other exercise classes and fitness programs near you.